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I need a website for my business.but what should i do now?

This is a question which comes in the mind of every new business owners.First of all,we need to find a website Designer In Newcastle

Do i have to pay anything upfront?

No! Absolutely not.You don,t have to pay us any money before we submit the website design mock up.

What is a website design mock up?

The website design mock ups are three superb designs which we will produce to show you as per your requirement.So you will have options to choose from. Also in the current market scenario,For a website design ,you have to pay huge $$$,but in our company,we are offering it as FREE!

What is the next procedure after submitting the mock ups?

Out of the mock ups you can select any design and request to make changes if there is any editing needed.At this stage,it wont cost more time for us for making any changes,So we request you to go through the designs and request changes or any additional feature etc at this stage.Then we will re-submit the design and will proceed to Html coding only after your are perfectly satisfied with the Design.

When should i pay you?

After the Design finalization,You have to pay us a nominal fee.20 % of the total cost of the project.

how should i make the payment?

You can pay us via paypal by entering our paypal ID with the buyers protection facility.

Does the domain and hosting charges are included in the fee?

Yes of course,its included! and we wont charge you extra for domain and hosting like other providers for the initial one year.

Will we be able to see the development and see the progress?

Yes ofcourse,we will send you a link of the development and from that link you can view the progress of the Website development.

How will i inform you the requirement?

You can either use the facility in our website or send us an email at

How long it will take to get the website ready?

Our completion time is as follows
Design submission-7days from the date of receiving requirement
Website Demo in our server:2 weeks from the date of design finalization
Website Live at your host:2 hours from the time of receiving final payment

How will you contact us?

If you are submitting your details at our website ,we will contact you within 24 hours.No matter you are in which country,we will contact you to know your requirement.We will always be online round the clock at our website live chat to answer any queries